Ronald E. Mills, Ph.D.

Ronald E. Mills, Ph.D.

Information Systems • Medical Information • Software R&D
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  • Design and implementation of domain-specific computer languages to achieve economy of human/machine knowledge communication while closely managing performance.
  • Healthcare risk adjustment, utilization modeling, and health data management.
  • OLAP data representation and knowledge management.
  • Management science applications and resource optimization methods.

Projects & Systems (reverse chronological order)

Grouper Components. For 3M Health Information Systems. Architecture and implementation of DRG Groupers, including systems used by Medicare to control payments to hospitals, amounting to 1.5% of U.S. Gross Domestic Product.

Domain & HPEGS. For 3M Health Information Systems. Computer languages for implementing complex healthcare risk adjustment, grouping and editing which produce high performance C, Java and MVS assembler sources for targeted customers' environments. Significantly reduces time to market for new products.

Grouper Extensions. Architecture and implementation of Advanced Coding Analyzers, Pay-for-performance tools, and Web-based reporting associated with 3Mâ„¢ All-Patient Refined DRGs.

Frieda. For Hotel Employees and Restaurant Employees International Union Welfare Fund. Claims data warehouse for 120,000 covered lives, including professional, facility, pharmacy, eligibility and contribution accounting--over 7 million claims online. Monthly updating. Web-enabled report set. Ad hoc query language. Benefits and contracts impact modeling.

Cube. For Ford Motor Company and NetCube, Inc., as well as other NetCube customers. On server: high performance on-demand datamart generation from billion-row relational databases using analyst-specified business rules expressed in specially designed language. On client: multidimensional OLAP engine for roll-up and derived measure generation during interaction with datamarts.

SuperCode. For HSS, Inc. Backend indexed representation of ICD-9-CM and CPT code books for online phrase-based encoder product. Conversion of PostScript to SGML during initial content loading.

InfoConnection. For Wisconsin Hospital Association and HCIA, Inc. A Windows report generation system for statewide UB-82 extracts. Compressed data storage on users PCs. Ad hoc and standard reports. Built in and user defined DRG product lines.

Reimbursement Modeling System. For Washington State Health Care Authority and McGraw Hill, Inc. Modelling of alternate DRG prospective reimbursement systems. User designed displays and reports, user modifiable formulae.

Facets. For The Hospital Association of New York State and Information Strategies, Inc. PC front end to Informix database of hospital/DRG statistics. Submission and retrieval of standard reports, user specified downloads, user formatted reports. Asynchronous packet data transfer.

LIS. For SANESCO Informatique, Paris, France. Applications generator with integrated access to several SQL DBMS. Hardware independent screen management with windows (Unix and pre-Windows MS/DOS).Integrated medical coding management and translation.

Random House Database Publishing System. Organization of Random House Unabridged Dictionary of the English Language into mixed-SQL database. Programs for multiuser access, color coded full screen editing, and interface to phototypesetting.

Blue Cross HMO Provider Profile & Claims Analysis System. Database of patients, providers and claims. Formation of episodes of care.Reporting utilization measures and anomalous provider behavior. Sold to GMIS and remarketed by them as Provider Insight..

Iris Hospital Products. Screen/menu data entry and reports for: Utilization Review, Medical Records Abstracting, Infection Control, Medical Staff Credentialing, Risk Management, ADT download, DRG assignment and upload. Designs serve as basis for SANESCO hospital products in France.

GHM implementation. Collaboration with French adaptation of DRGs. Small machine implementation of combined DRG/GHM algorithms.

ICL. Unix applications generator and database management (network model). Hardware independent screen management. Integrated ICD-9 and DRG medical coding management.

Device drivers and systems programming. Various disk and tape drivers. For RT-11 in Assembler, for Unix in C.

Puter PSRO Products. Professional Standards Review Organization (later PRO) data collection,analysis and submission to HCFA. Implemented on multiuser affordable PDP-11 systems. Puter gained leading share of the market.

PM/11. Multi-user operating system for 64K LSI-11. RT-11 compatible file structures. Applications programming language and database management.

DRG Prospective Reimbursement Methodology. Infinite step-down procedures to map hospital accounts to DRG cost centers. Hospital and State report designs.Experimental implementation in 22 New Jersey hospitals leading to adoption of DRGs as Medicare payment system by HCFA..

DRG Utilization Review Methodology. Mathematical models and computer programs supporting development of Diagnostic Related Groups (DRGs) at Yale.

AUTOGRP. An interactive non-parametric statistical data analysis package for healthcare datasets. Special facilities for medical data. Primary tool in DRG development..

World Health Organization Country Programming. Language allowing WHO scientists to construct multiperiod population and health treatment linear programming models.

Conversational Modeling Language (CML). Interactive, extensible, general purpose, structured language with special primitives for discrete event digital simulation and statistical analysis. For IBM 370 machines with MVS/TSO or VM/CMS.

AUTOSPEC. For Fisher & Porter Company, a language to allow engineers to specify job-shop product designs and inventory use. Computer produces assembly instructions.

Courses taught at Yale University

  • Discrete Event Digital Simulation (PhD students)
  • Interactive Decision Support Systems (PhD students)

  • Database Systems (MBA students)

  • Computing and Management (MBA students)

Professional Associations

  • ACM (President, New Haven Chapter, 1976)
  • Sigma Xi (Computer Science Book Review Editor, 1979-81)

  • NYS Christmas Tree Growers Association


Programming languages used:
Java, C++, C, IBM 370-Assembler, SQL, VBA (Microsoft), COBOL, Fortran, PL/I, RPG, PDP-11 Assembler, Pascal, Algol, Lisp, IBM-1620 Assembler and several self-created.

Operating systems used:
Unix, Windows, MS/DOS , MVS-TSO, VM-CMS, CICS, VMS, RT-11 and PM-11.


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1978 Ph.D., Yale University,
Thesis: The Conversational Modeling Language
1973 M.Phil., Yale University, Operations Research
1969 B.S., Yale University, Administrative Sciences

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